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No matter if you’re a day-hike type or the multi-day-trek-doesn’t-mind-not-bathing-fo-a-while kind of person, our surroundings provide trails (or no trails if you prefer) for everyone. From beautiful 1-2 hour walks the whole family can enjoy to 12-14 hour hikes for the more enthusiastic hiker, we’ve got ‘m all.

Our camping is located at the foot of the Sonfjället mountain, in Sonfjället National Park, which has the largest bear population in Sweden. You’ll almost certainly see reindeer, if you try hard a moose and if you’re lucky the ultimate prize; the bear. And even if you are so out of luck you don’t see any of the above console yourself with the multitude of birds and plants you’ll see.

Emerse yourself in several hundred year old forests, bounce through soft and cushion-like swampground until you reach  the rocky mountain tops and enjoy Sonfjället National Park and Härjedalen at it’s best. So pack your boots, your backpack and if you’re up for it, your tent and start hiking!

If you have any questions, just reach out one of the our team members!

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